Skills outcome
    On completion of the course, the trainee will be capable of writing CNC programs for 2-axes CNC lathes and 3-axes machining centres, setting machines, and proving trial parts. He will have knowledge of CNC machine construction, Machining operations, Cutting tools and cutting parameters selection, Work holding, Programming, Costing, Part setup, Machine operation and part prove-out.

    Programme Details
    Medium of Instruction – English
    Intake Capacity - 20
    Target group 1-Fresh ITI graduates from machining-related trades who want to become CNC machinists
    2- Experienced people from industry who want to upgrade their skills to the next higher level

    Method of skills training
    CNC machining is all about motion, involves multiple disciplines of engineering, and is therefore difficult to teach on the blackboard and through lectures. To improve students’ understanding and compress learning time, all learning in the course is through multi-media software, hands-on: lectures using multi-media teach ware, followed by practice on CNC program simulator software and CNC machine simulator software, then rounded off with practice on industrial CNC machines.

    CNC skills ladder, for your career path
    This course is Level 2 in CNC skills ladder, a set of courses that provide a clear skill and career upgrade path, with each course providing a foundation for the next one. You can join at any level, based on your prior skills, and leave at any level. You can do a level, work in industry for a while, then come back for a higher qualification, go back to industry at a higher career step.

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