Dance Competition»

    24 Aug 2018

    Description:A group dance competition will be conducted for the trainees of DBTI on 24/08/2018

  • JUN

    Admission 2018-19»

    29 Jun 2018

    Description:Admission forms are available up to 25th July for the session starting in August.

  • APR

    Board Examination»

    03 Apr 2018

    Description:Board Examination for CVE students will start from 3rd April. we wish good luck to all our students.

  • JAN

    NCVT Examination»

    19 Jan 2018

    Description:NCVT semester examinations are going to start from 19/01/2018 on wards. 

  • JAN

    Admission 2017-18»

    01 Jan 2018

    Description:Application Forms are available for all the courses at DBTI office from 2-24th June 2017.You can also download the Application, Training Calendar 2017-18 by click this link.   The Application forms along with the required documents must reach the office latest by 24th June 2017. 

  • Admission 2019-20»

    Description:Admission forms for the new session 2019-20 will be issued from 2nd May 2019 onwards. Forms will be available in the website too.

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